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Acclamation for Beijing Ducks & signing between Li-Ning and Sunyue

By Yutang Sports 01 Apr 2015

On the afternoon of March 29th, 2014/15 CBA Grand Champion Fans Meeting & Signing Ceremony between Sun Yue and Li-Ning Company was held in the industrial park of Li-Ning. Min Lulei, coach of Beijing Ducks attended the meeting with players including Sun Yue, Zhu Yanxi, Li Gen, Zhang Songtao, Fang Shuo, Chen Lei and Wang Xiaohui; besides, hundreds of fans came to cheer for Beijing Ducks.

While fans were acclaiming for the victory of Beijing Ducks, Li-Ning Company officially declared its signing with Sun Yue. On the signing ceremony, Zhang Xiangdu, special assistant of president of Li-Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. stated that Mr. Sun Yue is the first Chinese who won Double Champion both in NBA and CBA. His professional career is insurmountable. What’s more, on the basketball court, his spirit to take the interests of the whole into account and fight bravely on the court is also admirable. Because of this kind of spirit, we resonate with each other and reach the tacit cooperation.

The two parties signed their names on the polo shirt No.25 and No.9, symbolizing image of Sun Yue. After that, Sun Yue indicated that, he trusts the brand of Li-Ning for its professional basketball products and superior player service. “We share the similar prospect for future, hoping that more teenagers could be engaged in sports especially in basketball, and help more young men to achieve their basketball dream,” Said by Sun Yue.

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