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China Sports Industry Group revenues increased and to shift focus to sports

By Yutang Sports 01 Apr 2015

Under the background of sports industry reform, China Sports Industry Group announced returning of focuses to the sports sector, publishing increased revenues in 2014.

According to its yearly report released on 30 March, the operating revenue in 2014 was RMB 1.152, which grew 16.92% year on year. Among the revenues, sports related businesses made RMB 618m, 26.67% more than the previous year, and increased from 49.80% of the total revenue to 54.08%.

Sport events management and operation earned RMB 192m, 67.88% up from 2013. Sports lottery earned RMB 148m, 12.43% up from 2013. Revenues made from traditional lottery sales terminals also continued to grow.

The company was the only publicly listed company under administration of the General Administration of Sport of China.

It has set a strategy to shift more attention and emphasis to the sports field in 2015.

Source: cnstock 

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