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Li-Ning Sports Park intend to collaborate with Machong Town

By Yutang Sports 11 May 2015

Li Ning, CEO of Li-Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd., along with Li Yongbo, head coach of China National Badminton Team, Bai Yansong, a famous CCTV host, 15 Olympic champions including Lin Dan, they altogether welcomed the coming of the “Sudirman Cup” in the form of running with over ten thousands of citizens.

After the running, Li Ning, accompanied by Wang Feng, principal of Dongguan Sports School, went to Songshan Lake to ask for information about the sports situation in Dongguan, while the chosen location is Machong Town. The watery town attracted much attention of Li Ning, in addition, after knowing that six players in China Football Team are cultivated in Dongguan, Li Ning thumbed up for their great performance.

Huayang Lake Wetland Park is the special program of Machong. When Li Ning took a boat on the lake, he is also absorbed in the beautiful scenery. After the visit, Li Ning expressed that, “I’m impressed by the profound sports culture of Dongguan. Through the running and cycling activities, I feel like that I’m returning to my youth age and I’m quite happy and excited. Sport is just a lifestyle that everybody could actively participate in, which could enable our body to be healthier and get people closer. Moreover, I believe that China sport industry has a bright future.”

In recent years, Li-Ning not only expand its business in sports marketing, but also is engaged in extensive mass fitness programs, for example, it has constructed four Li-Ning Sports Park in Beijing, Henan Nanyang, Jiangsu Yangzhou and Zhejiang Ningbo.

Under such background, Li Ning also told his idea of building another Li-Ning Sports Park in Dongguan to the leaders of Dongguan City and Machong Town. With the aid of the “Sudirman Cup”, Dongguan is showing its sports spirit to the world.

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