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Why is China targeting major sporting events?

By Yutang Sports 12 May 2015

China currently is the candidate for two major sporting events, 2022 Winter Olympics Games and 2019 FIBA World Cup.

And China is facing sole competition from Kazakhstan and Philippines for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games and 2019 FIBA world cup respectively.

In addition, according to Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, China appears to be preparing for bidding the 2026 or 2030 FIFA World Cup.

It is clear that China is highly interested in these events and there is no doubt the events mentioned above are influential at global stage.

People may wonder why china is so interested in hosting global major sporting events.

There could be a range of arguments to this debate as opinions differentiate from various viewpoints. But it can't be denied that China wishes to duplicate the success of 2008 Beijing Olympics through hosting once again influential international sports events.

One of the significances of hosting these sports events, firstly, will be the empowerment by the games to brand China as a rising leading country not only in economy but also in sports. The exposure of China at 2008 Beijing Olympics was strong evidence to show that sports development in China was well on track.

Secondly, hosting these events will in turn help boost the development of sports as hosting countries are always desirable for greater achievements. As Wang Anshun, mayor of Beijing, once argued that 2022 Winter Olympics Games would boost winter sports in China if Beijing and Zhangjiakou became the hosting cities.

Moreover, the emerging market of sports industry in China needs to be promoted by the positive impacts of international sporting events. In 2008, we have seen the dramatic rise of Li Ning, the leading sportswear brand.

As mentioned, China has experienced the success of hosting 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and is still targeting more major international sporting events. But there is still a lot to do for China to secure the hosting cities of either 2022 Winter Olympics Games or 2019 FIBA World Cup.

Source: People's Daily

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