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Sporting goods brands continued to be interested in football

By Yutang Sports 15 May 2015

On the 2015 China Sport Show which finished on Monday this week, many sporting goods company showed affinity for football by displaying an emphasis on football equipment. 

These include famous brands such as ANTA, Xtep, PEAK, K-Bird, Kelme, as well as some brands that are not as famous, such as Tiebao, Joma. 

Kelme invited two former players of Chinese national football team to the show, and announced a new strategic plan to support the Chinese football at the exhibition. 

In fact, brands have long been interested in football. Famous brands such as Xtep and PEAK mostly have a tradition of supporting football. Xtep became a sponsor of Birmingham City FC in 2010, being the first Chinese sporting goods brand that sponsored a Premier League team. In 2011, Xtep sponsored Villarreal club of La Liga as the exclusive kit sponsor and official technical sponsor from 2011 to 2016. It also started to sponsor China University Football League in the same year. It is the title sponsor of the league from 2014 to 2015. 

PEAK started to sponsor Iraq national team from as early as 2007 and has been its sponsor for 8 years now. It sponsored Kyrgyzstan national team at the 2010 Asian Games. There are some sponsorships to non-national teams, such as Zobon FC in Shanghai, Central Coast Mariners FC. In youth training, PEAK has signed with Pan Pacific Intl’ to send young Chinese players to European and American clubs for training. 


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