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Hainiu FC got new jersey sponsor and launched coach training program

By Yutang Sports 25 May 2015

China League One team Hainiu FC co-established a football coach training program with two other parties and got a new jersey sponsor. The club held two consecutive news conferences on May 23. 

The coach training program is the joint efforts of three parties, Hainiu FC, Qingdao Guoxin Stadium, and Tie Football Club. Tie Football Club was created by former Chinese national player, Li Tie. 

The coach training program is tailored for coaches of children aged from 7 to 13. The former coach of Philips Sports Union was employed as one of three main trainers of the program. The news conference announced the start of the program. 

At the same time, Hainiu FC agreed a new jersey sponsorship with Spanish brand KELME. The brand has sponsored 7 clubs of China League One before the partnership with Hainiu, being the brand sponsoring the most China League One clubs this season. 

Source: NetEase

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