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22 Chinese sports giants team up for internet plus sports

By Chen Yaping 30 Nov 2015

22 Chinese sports giants announced yesterday that they are to team up as China Internet plus Sports Club (CISC).The opening ceremony, at the volleyball venue of the National Sports Training Center, was attended by around 100 sports executives, 60 investors and 300 entrepreneurs within the industry. 

The CISC, initiated by Fortune Capital and Vning Media, has attracted most of the leading sports companies in China, including Wanda Sports, Alibaba Sports, Tencent Sports, Wisdom Sports, Sina Sports, Le Sports, PPTV Sports, Taishan Sports, Hualu Baina, Beijing iRena and the China Sports Industry Group. They agreed to devote themselves to providing an influential partnership platform and a high-level sports think tank for China.

During the discussion, attendees shared their insights into fitness branding, sports marketing, smart sports, internet and sports, capital and entrepreneurship, the ecosystem of the sports industry and the development of the Winter Olympic economy.

Obviously,CISC will become an organic integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes. It is expected that this win-win cooperation will lead to the emergence of more sports giants and advance the development of the Chinese sports industry, which has a capacity of five trillion yuan, according to the Blue Book of Internet & Sports Industry Trends launched at the ceremony. 

Source: Netease

Proofread by John Devlin

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