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WeSUCH to sponsor Worldwide MMA Alliance

By Chen Yaping 31 Dec 2015

WeSUCH, a Chinese internet technology company, announced that it is to become the exclusive title sponsor of the Worldwide MMA Alliance (WMA), the pro martial arts tournament launched by the Beijing Sihai Kaixuan Sports Company. The signing ceremony was held on December 28th in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center. 

Under the sponsorship deal, WeSUCH will become the strategic partner of the event operator to promote the development of the event.

The WMA is a new international event initiated on August 31st last. Its two image ambassadors are the “First Chinese Female Fighter,” Tang Jin and the Sanda athlete, Huang Lei. The alliance now has six pro sports club members across the world.

You Yusheng, chairman of the WMA Organizing Committee, said that a total of 11 matches will be held in Tokyo from January 8th 2016. 

The title sponsor WeSUCH is a Beijing-based startup that focuses on the integration of mobile internet technology and the financial trading system.


Proofread by John Devlin.

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