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Kunlun Fight to Cooperate with Jet Li on Taichi Program

By Yutang Sports 21 Jun 2017

As reported by the Xinhua News Agency, Jet Li has just officially announced on Facebook about his new partnership between Taichizen and Kunlun Fight, the original Chinese kick-boxing event brand. The two parties will work together to create a new Taichi program and promote Chinese Kungfu worldwide with Li himself also participating in the program.

According to his press statement, Taichizen is a joint venture self-funded by both Li and Jack Ma, with the aim of promoting Taichi Kungfu. They decided  to cooperate with Kunlun Fight with the hope of bringing Taichi to a higher level, reaching a larger audience and making it a form of competitive sports. This new co-operation has also been facilitated by CDH Investments.

Jiang Hua, the founder of Kunlun Fight, has said that the program is currently under construction. He emphasized that while maintaining the core concept of traditional Taichi is important, this new program will introduce key new rules to transform it into a competitive sport and to help with its global promotion. 

With this new cooperation with Taichizen, Kunlun Fight will utilize its good reputation, martial arts experience and the systematic concept of its own IP operations in the creation of this new competitive Taichi program. He is quite positive that in the future, more and more people will be attracted to practice Taichi because of this program and become more knowledgeable of Chinese Kungfu and its culture.

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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