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Yutang Sports to host Sports HR Workshop in Beijing

By Pu Yang 15 Apr 2016

With the rise of the Chinese sports industry, more and more sports companies and properties are in the hunt for professionals with expertise and passion in sports. At the same time, more and more are showing their interest in positions in this area.

Against this background, Yutang Sports is set to host a Sports Human Resource Workshop at Beijing Avic Hotel tomorrow (16th April). This will bring together a number of delegates, from HR directors at leading Chinese sports companies to leaders and renowned scholars. They will discuss the latest trends and issues around human resources in China’s rising sports industry. The Workshop will consist of two speeches, which are from Ali Sports and Tencent Sports respectively, and two panels covering several relevant subjects.

In order to better reflect the latest trends and challenges in the Chinese sports industry regarding human resources, Yutang Sports are delighted to have lined up a list of big names at the Workshop, including:

Lu Lingyun, VP and Director of Recruiting at Ali Sports

Feng Tao, CEO at Shankai Sports

Li Yinduan, Vice President at PEAK Sports

Xiao Mafeng, Director at HR Pole

Dai Qian, former HR Director at Lining Sports

Xiao Xi, HR Manager at Tencent Sports

Qiao Qiao, HR Director at Sina

Yi Jiandong, renowned scholar and President of the School of Sport Business at Peking University’s National School of Development

Song Hongfei, VP at Visdom Sports

Gu Meng, PR Director at Anta Sports

Wang Huixin, HR Director at Hualu Blue Flame

Jia Wenxiu, Chief Editor at the Olympic Department, Tencent Sports

Zhang Hongwei, Recruitment Manager at Wanda Group

The Workshop will also provide the attendees with opportunities to meet and discuss with directors and professionals in leading sports companies. Moreover, the Workshop is also a good opportunity of social networking for those who wish to start or improve their careers in the sports industry.

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