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2016 IAAF World Challenge in Beijing

By GuoBiao 18 May 2016

The 2016 IAAF World Athletics Challenge will be inaugurated at the Bird's Nest tonight. The reform of the athletics industry was discussed at the future summit yesterday.

"You know what was the most-watched event in 2015 on the CCTV sports channel? The answer was athletics. In 2015, the most-watched moments on the CCTV sports channel throughout the year were on August 30, the day of the IAAF mens jumping competitions. It had a 4.25% rating, which means that one in every twenty-four Chinese people were watching it live." Jiang Heping, director of the CCTV Sports Channel said at the summityesterday.

"Compared with the Olympic Games and World Championships, the IAAFWorld Athletics Challenge Beijing is more like an annual holiday, which contains all the festival events." Jiang Heping said, "I believe that the IAAFWorld Athletics Challenge Beijing will be better with its slogan of "faster, higher, stronger". It will develop with a faster speed, higher ratings and popularity, anda great deal ofinternational influence.
Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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