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Sports Celebrities to serve as ambassadors for Mars Exploration Project

By Mei Zhu 12 Oct 2016

Lang Ping, Yao Ming, Tan Dun, the “Three China Tenors", Yuan Sha, Liu Cixin, TFBOYS and 11 other social and cultural celebrities will endorse a global promotion campaign that will collect names and logos for China's Mars Exploration Project. It is the first time that image ambassadors have been used in China's major scientific and technological project.

Officials at the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center said, “It is the first time that we selected ambassadors from social and cultural celebrities, for better promotion of the global collection campaign so that China's Mars exploration project will take deeper roots in the heart of our people.”

It is reported that China's first Mars exploration mission will be sent directly to the Mars fire detector transfer orbit by the Long March V rockets from the Wenchang, Hainan launch site in 2020, which is another major scientific and technological project following the Chinese moon exploration project.

The global collection campaign seeking names and logos for the China Mars exploration project was officially launched on August 23th. Participants can submit the Name and graphic design through the Xinhua network, Tencent, the NASA network, China's Lunar and Deep Space Exploration and China Mars Exploration’s Wechat platform.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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