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China Real Madrid Foundation Project Press Conference in Beijing

By Mei Zhu 17 Oct 2016

The China Real Madrid Foundation Project (Real Madrid) recently held a press conference in the Beijing Conrad Hotel! Mr. Li Yuanzhen, general manager of Lender Winfun, was a special guest at the conference. During the conference, Real Madrid issued a strategy aimed at China and announced that the Real Madrid Youth Training Camp, together with Zhejiang Lender Winfun Sports Culture & Development Co., Ltd. (Lender Winfun), would access China for the first time. In the next two weeks, Lender Winfun will hold two Real Madrid youth academies in Beijing and Hangzhou with the backing of Yuan Thai Financial.

In Beijing, the academy will be organized by the Beijing Football Association and Lender Winfun in cooperation with China Care for Next Generation Foundation. In Hangzhou, it will be organized by the Zhejiang Province Football Association and Lender Winfun. The two academies will be sponsored by Lender Winfun and Yuan Thai.

Beijing Youth Training Camp will be held on Oct 15th in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center and the Hangzhou Youth Training Camp will be held on October 25th -29th at the football pitch of Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School. A professional coach from Real Madrid will be in charge.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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