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What would China gain from investing in European clubs?

By Yutang Sports 22 Jan 2015

As the China National Team beat all three opponents in the Group matches in Asian Cup,Chinese companies also won their games.United Vansen mergers Haag FC in Netherlands,Wang Jianlin buys 20% stake of Atletico Madrid,in addition to sponsored Vallecano and Real Sociedad.More and more European clubs are Linked with China.What would that impact China football?

At first,Chinese players would have more chance to play abroad.Li tie and Li Weifeng transferred to Everton under the operating by Kejian.By now,more clubs have Chinese bosses,would Chinese footballers catch the chance to land on Europe?Possibly.

Wang Jianlin emphasized that part of the investment on Atletico Madrid will be used on youth training .The star of outlook,Xu xin used to rely on the fund provided by Wanda to learn football in Spain.He was nominated by Perrin,the Head Coach of China,on the original name list.Possibly,Xu could play for Atletico Madrid someday in La liga.Who knows?

It is said that is trying to bring one or two Chinese players to La liga,after Zhang xizhe,more and more Chinese players are expected to play in Europe.

To enter in the European leagues are quite meaningful to China football.However the population of China would count for more.Compare to the top time,Chinese football population has plummeted enormously, and far behind the developed countries.According to Wanda’s project, Atletico Madrid is going to open up 3 schools in China,Jiangsu Sainty in CSL would collaborate with Parma in Serie A to found a football basement in China also.

At the meantime,we should realize that dozens of club in China is going bankrupt because of financial problem.Stagnant investment environment exacerbates the situation.Wang jianlin who invested in CSL before ,accomplished nothing from it.

Chinese football is calling for more investment,except for players,the enterprise would also benefit from the cooperation with European clubs.Indeedly, the Chinese clubs are more relying on the investors,not the money from broadcast,stadium and fans.But one thing should be recognized is that when China is trying to improve football,Chinese football would be highlighted,which would accelerate the development on the clubs,league and young players.

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