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Reinvent Taipei through 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Workshop Session - 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade

By Sophie Hoffritz Krogh at Yutang Sports 11 Apr 2017

On the first day 2017-04-04 of SportAccord convention, Yutang Sports attended the Workshop session on 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade and how this international multi-sport event makes Taipei even greater. The talk was presented by DR. Shih-Ming You, Deputy CEO. 

The Taipei Summer Universiade will be held from August 19th to 30th and will attract over 12,000 participants from over 150 countries, making it the largest event ever held in Taiwan. They expect to sell 750 thousand tickets. 

The event will contain 21 contests held in 79 venues and 14 universities in five cities and counties around Taiwan. The venues are split between 38 competition venues and 41 training venues. 44/53 of the venues have already been renovated creating a great opportunity for Taipei to renew old buildings. The contest is split between 14 compulsory sports, 7 optional sports and 1 demo sport. To make sure the registration runs smoothly, they will set up four accreditation centres. No venue will be more than 60 minutes from the Athletes village. 

They have decided on the slogan ”For You · For Youth” which are promoted by their mascot Bravo, who are based on the Formosan black bear. To gain the support of the people, they have made cultural goodwill events and commercials. They have attracted 12.000 local student volunteers, 6000 community volunteers and 284 international volunteers and received 27.5 million dollars in sponsorship and donations. 

Taiwan has bid for this event for 15 years, so they are very excited to finally host this student-athletes event. Throughout the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, participants will have many opportunities to explore the culture and food of Taipei on their own or through tourism packages developed by Taipei. The vision is not only to showcase and share the greatness of Taipei and its culture, but also to transform the city through sustainable development. They hope to reinvent Taipei through rebuilding and rejuvenating the city and their transportation system. 

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