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Mobike to launch cycling campaign with international organizations

By Nong Ruowen 31 Aug 2017

August 29: The world's largest bicycle operator Mobike have launched a new cycling campaign, "World Cycling Day", alongside international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Resources Institute. The campaign will occur every year on September 17th with this year's theme being "Cycling changes cities". 

This campaign will reportedly be the first ever campaign aimed at encouraging people to ride bikes rather than driving in order to decrease air pollution and traffic jams. On the other hand, this campaign will also raise public awareness in riding safely and the proper parking of bicycles, in order to maintain good traffic conditions.

What makes the campaign more meaningful is that this is the 200th year since the first ever bicycle was invented. As a bicycle operator, Mobike has installed fully station-less bicycle-sharing systems in several cities in China, which allows bicycles to become the third public transportation option for citizens following buses and subways. 


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