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Tencent Dayan partners with CNCG in the e-sports business

By Chen Yaping 07 Sep 2017

Tencent Dayan, a media outlet of Tencent Holdings Limited, has reached a strategic agreement with China National Cyber Games (CNCG) to promote the development of e-sports in China.

Under the terms of their agreement, the two sides announced the launch of the Huayan T³Project on Wednesday.

Their common goal is to build a new esports platform in the markets of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The pair is looking to work closely in various esports fields including game licensing, venue construction, education, training, leisure sports, e-sports standardization, think tanks, association establishment and media outlets. 

According to a Tencent report, China e-sports games have engaged 170 million people during 2016 and that number is expected to reach 220 million in 2017.

As CNCG Vice President Wei Weige said, “The Huayan T³ Project, especially our partnership in cyber game venues, will help create an e-sports ecosystem throughout the country, deepen the partnerships as well as boost the iteration of business models.”

Source: lesports

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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