Li-Ning signs with Trail Blazer star CJ. McCollum

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 10:25

By Nong Ruowen

October 7: During the NBA Pre-season games, Chinese sport brand Li-Ning struck a deal with CJ. McCollum, adding this NBA star to their portfolio. The trail blazer guard also announced the partnership on his social media account.

In fact, the two training clips posted on McCollum’s social media account have lifted a corner of the veil – the star wore Li-Ning shoes during his training, which ignited a heated discussion among Chinese and overseas media. 

However, suspicions were almost confirmed during the first pre-season game against Trail Blazers and Suns, where McCollum wore Li-Ning shoes to compete. 

Reportedly, this deal is seen as a new step for Li-Ning in basketball. 

In recent years, Li-Ning has completed deals with the CBA League, the NBA’s Houston Rockets and a group of professional players like Dwayne Wade.

Meanwhile, organizing amateur basketball leagues for campus students and other grassroots enthusiasts, as well as various training camps, have also been included in Li-Ning’s marketing strategy, which will assist the brand in securing a position among brands competing in the basketball arena.


Proofread by William Logsdon 

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