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Beijing Football Association to run independent from municipal sports bureau

By Nong Ruowen 20 Oct 2017

Beijing has published a plan for its football reforms announcing that the Beijing Football Association (BFA) is to split from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports (BMBS).

After becoming an independent entity, the BFA will take charge of promoting the sport of football and developing football talent in Beijing. The organisation of local football events and management of the municipal football teams in Beijing are also on the BFA’s priorities agenda.

This new independent character will also allow them to have their own operating system and financial plan. However, they will have to self-manage their domestic and international communications instead of following the rules of the BMBS.

As for the personnel of the association, the executive group of the BFA will consist of representatives from the municipal government department, football associations of each district in Beijing and organisers of professional leagues, plus football professionals.

Post-independence, committees covering football technology, events, media and teenagers will also be features of the BFA.

Source: Sohu 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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