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CBA launches ‘Small Basketball’ plan

By Chen Yaping 21 Nov 2017

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has launched a Small Basketball Development Plan at an official opening ceremony held in the Zhangjia Town Central Primary School of Tongzhou District, Beijing.

The CBA also officially announced the start of the Small Basketball League and related rules, while donating special-sized balls and stands. Five Chinese basketball professionals, including coaches and players, Min Lulei, Zhang Jinsong, He Jun, Huo Nan and Ji Zhe, have become the promotion ambassadors for the plan.

At the same time, a friendly match was played between the Zhangjia Town school and Hepingli No.1 Primary School.

As CBA Chairman Yao Ming said, the plan, makes coaching, skills, big data, and weekend and holiday camps as key points, aims to engage more Chinese youth to get involved in the sport of small basketball.

“China has held varying small basketball events before, but most of them failed to make a difference since the standards are not yet unified.” Yao continued, “The CBA hopes that the plan can introduce more workable standards that adapt to Chinese youngsters.” 


Proofread by William Logsdon 

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