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China Sports Lottery boost its sales to RMB 209.69bn in 2017

By Nong Ruowen 03 Jan 2018

As reported by Sina Sports, the China Sports Lottery sales have been confirmed as RMB 209.69bn up to December 31, 2017 with the lottery also raising a philanthropic fund of RMB 52.3bn over the year.

China Sports Lottery can be divided into three types – lotto, lottery quiz and instant lottery. Sales of the China Sports Lottery in 2017 were composed of RMB 104.86bn  from the lotto, RMB 92.8bn from the lottery quiz, while the remaining RMB 11.91bn came from instant lottery.

Annual provincial sales of the China Sports Lottery in 2017 included RMB 20bn in Jiangsu Province, which is a record-breaking figure for the province. Six provinces recorded sales of over RMB 10bn, including Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Fujian and Hebei. 

Alongside these impressive figures, the China Sports Lottery also leveraged its philanthropic funding to support mass sports in 2017, including helping in the construction of sports facilities and organization of mass sports activities. Meanwhile, junior sports clubs and campus football projects were also supported by the fund last year. 

Source: Sina Sports

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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