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China Sports Lottery invested in 2015 Zhengkai International Marathon

By Yutang Sports 01 Apr 2015

On March 29, Zheng Zhou, the capital city of He Nan, witnessed around 50 thousand marathoners and enthusiasts from 29 countries and regions participating in the 2015 China Zhengkai International Marathon. Zhengkai International Marathon, alongside with Beijing International Marathon and Xia'men International Marathon, are the top three marathons in China by far.

Apart from the focuses of the participants, Zhengkai International Marathon also caught the attention from companies that are seeking for commercial appeal such as XTEP, a leading sports brand in China. In the meanwhile, China Sports Lottery also offered assistance to this game. 

The audience could participate in the carnival, which includes interactive games and award-winning quiz, set by the marathon organizer and China Sports Lottery together. 

At the moment, Beijing and Zhang Jiakou are bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.  Henan Sports Lottery Centre, a subordinate body of China Sports Lottery, invited 200 people to cheer for the two cities of China at the scene of Zhengkai Marathon.

Source: Zhengzhou Evening News

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