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LEFIT reaches deal with Swisse

By Chen Yaping 30 Jan 2018

Chinese fitness company LEFIT has reached a strategic cooperation deal with Swisse, an Australian multivitamin brand.

The terms of the deal involve LEFIT online shops, mobile applications and physical stores. Under this deal, the two sides will work together to provide sports and fitness services for users by sharing resources.

Some Swisse products are expected to be sold on the LEFIT e-commerce platform, providing a one-stop nutritional supplement service for customers engaged in fitness. For the offline activations, LEFIT is looking to launch Swisse-themed stores in different Chinese cities. In addition to this, the two partners also plan to write articles on fitness and food as well as release customized gift packages and co-branded shopping cards for holidays.

In 2017, LEFIT announced that it is looking to collaborate with Chinese retailers in promoting its “1Km Fitness Circle Plan.” At present, the sharing fitness business has opened 200 locations in China’s first-tier cities and will expand into other cities over the next 12 months.


Proofread by William Logsdon

Tags: Fitness
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