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Former captain of women's volleyball establishes charitable foundation

By Nong Ruowen 05 Mar 2018

The former captain of China’s women’s national volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi, celebrated her 27th birthday on March 4, wishing her charitable foundation could solve some issues in the Chinese sports sector. 

As reported by Sohu Sports, Hui’s charitable foundation, 惠若琪女排发展基金 (literally translated as Hui Ruoqi Women’s Volleyball Development Foundation) was established in October 2017. Since it was launched, the Foundation has been supporting retired Chinese athletes and coaches receiving injury treatment and promoting sports participation among Chinese teenagers. 

One of the most important projects of the Foundation is to send PE teachers to the underprivileged regions in China, in order to deliver sports education courses to children living there. As of now, Hui has been working with a number of Physical Education majors in teacher training colleges in preparing PE courses to be delivered to more remote areas in China. 

As she told Sohu Sports, Hui believes that it was sport that changed her life and she hopes to make this change happen for more children. 

When it came to 2018, a new project called “s4ssports for society” was inaugurated by the Foundation. According to Hui, the project will focus on women, families, children and campus education. Specifically, the project will help to solve health issues of pregnant women and menopausal women, as well as the uneven distribution of sports education resources between urban and remote areas in China. 

Hui Ruoqi, born on March 4, 1991, is a former female Chinese volleyball player. She was the captain of China women's national volleyball team, and plays for Jiangsu women’s volleyball club. In February 2018, Hui announced her retirement after a Jiangsu home game in the China Volleyball League. 

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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