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Shanghai's media group Oriental Pearl Group to tackle eSports business

By Nong Ruowen 27 Apr 2018

As reported by, the Shanghai-based media company Oriental Pearl Group Co., Ltd (OPG) have announced their groundbreaking eSports strategy at a press conference on April 26, including a set of plans concerning eSports games, events, leagues, venues and other eSports-related projects. 

At the press conference, OPG launched G联盟 (literally translated as G Alliance), of which members include companies specializing in eSports content, eSports platforms or companies that partner with eSports events. According to OPG, this alliance is expected to form win-win partnerships among eSports stakeholders via sharing resources with each other. 

The OPG also announced the launch of the new season of the eSports league, the 2018 G联赛 (literally translated as G League), at the press conference. According to, inaugurated by, an OPG-owned eSports news and streaming platform, the G League is the first ever video gaming league in China. The 2018 G League will reportedly be the 12th edition. 

Regarding eSports venues, the OPG released their plans on a new 130,000-square meter eSports industrial park and an 13,000-square meter eSports venue. According to their plans, the eSports industrial park will be available to host eSports event and develop eSports talent and new eSports-related products. The industrial parks will also welcome companies to relocate to this eSports zone. 

Oriental Pearl Group Co., Ltd. is a unified business and capital platform of Shanghai Media Group. The company has built the largest media integration and distribution platform in China. With a complete industry chain, OPG has a coverage of hundreds of millions of viewers. The company also owns a number of architectural landmarks in Shanghai.


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