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General Administration of Sport of China publishes National Fitness Guide

By Andrea Huang 18 Jul 2018

The General Administration of Sport of China, for the first time, launched the National Fitness Guide yesterday (July 17) to help Chinese citizens across different age groups, genders and regions to exercise in appropriate ways using scientific principles. 

This is the first fitness exercise guide published by a national authority in China. The chief editor of Beijing Sport University, Guo Xiaoyong says that there are indeed many physical exercise books in the market, but most of the books target people working at offices and many are based on a specific physical expert’s theories. The National Fitness Guide is the first time that a national guide based on governmental research findings about national health conditions is published to fill a gap in this area and to improve national health.

The book contains introductions about the exercising effects of different sports, testing methods and physical capabilities evaluations, how to do physical exercises plus other contents and covers exercising guides for different age groups and people with particular disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressures and so on. All content is covered in less than 100 pages. 

It will also enable readers to watch demonstration videos of physical exercises performed by well-known fitness instructors and around 10 Chinese Olympic medalists such as Wu Dajing, Fu Yuanhui and Ma Long, by scanning QR codes in the book allowing readers to  watch the videos on their mobile phones. 

The guide is already available for purchase via the online shopping platform Tmall and will soon be accessible in physical Xinhua book stores across China. 

Reference: Tencent Sports 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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