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Chinese Modern Pentathlon Team partners with sportswear brand Zoke

By Andrea Huang 16 Oct 2018

The Chinese Modern Pentathlon Team has recently partnered with the Chinese sportswear brand, Zoke, who focus on swimwear and accessories. The brand becomes the Official Swimming Equipment Sponsor of the national team. 

Zoke will provide swimwear, apparel and other relevant swimming equipment to the national pentathlon team. 

The two parties signed the partnership during its 2019 Spring and Summer New Products Launch Event in Xiamen, Fujian Province on October 12, the theme of which is “Love in N Latitude 18°”. They showcased various swim suits designed in association with different islands or places located on North latitude 18°. Vice President of the Asian Modern Pentathlon Confederation, and Executive Vice President of the Chinese Modern Pentathlon Association, Zhang Bin attended the signing ceremony. 

Zoke was founded in 1996. They have sponsored Chinese swimming teams, organizations and events over the years, such as title sponsoring the Henan Province Swimming Team and some other provincial teams, sponsoring the Chinese Swimming Association, Fitness China and other sports events. 

They manufacture men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear, accessories and water exercising apparel and equipment. 

Reference: iFeng

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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