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2019 CSL club budgets to be under CNY1.2bn annually

By Andrea Huang 20 Dec 2018

The Chinese Professional Football League’s 2018 review meeting which is taking place in Shanghai has announced new regulations for the finances of Chinese Super League clubs. 

According to the new regulations, the maximum amount of spending by each CSL club should not exceed CNY1.2bn in 2019. This number will decrease gradually in the following years, with the limit for 2020 being CNY1.1bn and 2021 CNY900m. In 2019, the spending of each China League One club should not exceed CNY200m and clubs in China League Two, CNY35m each. 

Investors in every CSL club should invest at most CNY650m in 2019, CNY550m for 2020 and CNY300m for 2021. 

The ratio of spending on players’ salaries should not exceed 65% of each club’s budget in 2019 with this ratio falling to 60% in 2020 and 55% in 2021. 

Individual player salaries (excluding bonus) should not be more than CNY10m, with exceptions for players that will play in the 2019 Asian Cup and the 2022 Qatar World Cup Qualifiers. The salaries of these players can go 20% over the CNY10m limit. 

New regulations were also set up for limits on bonuses. The rewards for winning AFC Champions League matches should not exceed CNY6m, for CSL matches not exceeding CNY3m and for drawn games not exceeding CNY1m. 

Regulations for player salaries will start to take effect from 1 Jan 2019. Existing contracts will continue but will need to be adjusted to the new regulations after the contract expires. 

Reference: CCTV 5 application 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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