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CFA officially approves Tianjin Quanjin FC’s name change

By Andrea Huang 15 Jan 2019

The Chinese Football Association has officially approved the name change of the scandal-hit club Tianjin Quanjin FC, confirming that the new name of the club will be Tianjin Tianhai FC. 

The club had to change their corporate name to Tianjin Tianhai Football Club Co., Ltd according to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System last week. This came soon after the business scandal of the club’s stakeholder, Quanjian Group, was revealed. 

It was reported that the President of Tianjin Football Association expressed support for the name change, while also describing the change of name as an act that aligns with the CFA’s policy about football club names. The policy requires that all professional football clubs should change their name to exclude any corporate information or wording in the names from the new season onwards. 

Tianjin Tianhai FC have also changed their team logo. 

Currently, the football team is under the temporary operation of the Tianjin Football Association for one year and the TFA is encouraging new investors to get involved and take over the club. 

Reference: CFA website  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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