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Lander Sports change controlling share holder

By Andrea Huang 15 Feb 2019

The publicly listed Chinese sports company Lander Sports Development Co., Ltd have had a change of controlling shareholder, after its original controlling shareholder Lander Holdings, signed over part of its shares of Lander Sports to Fan Mingke on January 24. 

Twenty-nine percent of Lander Sports shares, previously held by Lander Holdings were sold to Fan Mingke, turning Fan into the largest shareholder and actual controller of Lander Sports. Lander Holdings continue to hold 18.70% of Lander Sports shares and Gao Jingna, a shareholder of Lander Holdings retaining 6.16% of Lander Sports shares. 

Lander Sports was previously controlled by Lander Holdings which is owned by Gao Jisheng and his daughter Gao Jingna who own 75% and 25% controlling shares respectively of Lander Holdings. 

In 2015 Lander Sports adopted its current company name, replacing the original name Lander Real Estate Co. Ltd., and started to have a bigger focus in the sports industry. Gao Jisheng also personally invested in the English Premier League club Southampton FC. 

According to their company website, Lander Sports are involved in several sports sectors: sports financing and financial services, sporting facilities construction and management, sporting events and tournaments, sports clubs and training, sports media and sports digital technology services. 

The new controller, Fan Mingke, did not disclose personal background information. There is some speculation that he is son of the Chairman and President of the well-known Chinese food brand Jinmailang. 

Reference: Wabeiwang 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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