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Plans for the Nanjing International Football town released

By Liu Weijia 17 Jan 2020

On January 14, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources officially released their design for the urban design and plan of  the new Nanjing International Football town. The town will cover an area of 735.89 hectares from west of the Yangtze River, north to the Qinhuai New River, and from the southeast of the Sanqiao Expressway and 205 national highway.

The major goal of the plan is to build a football-themed citizen ecological sports park and residential community, with the hope of becoming the number one choice for Nanjing and Jiangsu province in hosting world class international and domestic football events. 

The town plans to form a spatial structure of "one center, one corridor, one surrounding and two areas", to include the following:

●One center: a professional football stadium.

●One corridor: an ecological green corridor with a width of approximately 1km, developed on the combined themes of sport and leisure. 

●One surrounding:, on both sides of the Qinhuai New River, with a small number of sports venues.

●Two areas: an active football and residential area.

The plans also serve to accomplish double urban repairs, through the injection of sports functions, the restoration of ecological corridors, sewing and cutting space, to improve the town’s overall image and function.

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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