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First campus football club sponsored by enterprise established in China

By Yutang Sports 17 Apr 2015

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited  initiated “three first” in China’s football circle. In 1984, Baiyunshan Football Team, the first football team sponsored by enterprise was set up. In 2009, it is the first enterprise that put forward the idea of “TCM Football ”. In 2015, the first campus football club—Wong Lo Kat Campus Football Club of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited is established.

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited founds Development Fund of Wong Lo Kat Campus Football, which aims to support development of domestic youth football undertakings in all directions and provide assistance to help build 100 football courts (including 11-player, 7-player and 5-player court) in 100 schools across the country for the first time.

Five years later, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited once again embraces football. On April 16th 2015, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited held a press conference on Baiyunshan Football Court, and Rong Zhixing, a senior veteran once again witnessed the new football journey of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited. This time, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited said goodbye to the fierce football court, instead it walked into the campus where is full of sound of reading. On the conference, it declared establishment of Wong Lo Kat Campus Football Club as well as the relevant fund. It is reported that it is the first campus football club in the name of an enterpirse.

Rong Zhixing, credited as the first man in Chinese football, and other famous figures are invited to be the counselors of Wong Lo Kat Campus Football Club. Other senior executives from Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Football Association and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited also attended the meeting.

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