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Will China ruin table tennis?

By Yutang Sports 07 May 2015

China table tennis head coach Liu Guoliang said on Wednesday that Chinese players will continue to hone their skills despite accusations that they are ruining the game by monopolizing the world championships.

"It isn't the first time that Chinese are accused of ruining table tennis," said Liu in a team meeting on Wednesday. "But I believe the criticism was wrong."

China won four and a half gold medals at the five-event worlds, with the other half going to South Korean Yang Hae-un, who paired up with Chinese Xu Xin to win the mixed doubles title.

China had a clean sweep of five silver medals and won five bronze in the world championships that ended in the southeastern Chinese city of Suzhou on May 3, with otherfive teams splitting as many bronze medals.

Critics are worried China's monopoly of the sport might lead to an expulsion of table tennis from the Olympic Games.

"We should keep perfecting our game and don't worry about what they are saying," said Liu.

Actually, although China won almost all the titles in table tennis, we do not even have anything to worry about.

On the next day of World Table Tennis Championships ended, the World Snooker Championship finished in England. Bingham defeated Murphy in the final, and they are, undoubtedly both British. Even in that event this year, only 6 of 32 are not from UK.

Moreover, the World Snooker Championship is held permanently in England, while the World Table Tennis Championships fell in China for only 4 times in total. However, right now, China contributes 30% of the prize every year for snooker, but for table tennis, China has to let more other countries host the main event.

The reason for the awkward situation is that China has not establish the industry of table tennis like UK does on snooker. China Table Tennis Team did not ruin table tennis, while if we could not find the way to earn with it, table tennis is not going to be a big global sports.

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