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Peak's New Year Greeting in New York Time Square

By Jakarta Post 18 Feb 2015

On Feb. 15, a video clip entitled New York Time and featuring five NBA players endorsed by PEAK, among them Tony Parker, accompanied by fans from 34 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions across China, wishing passers-by all the best for the Year of the Ram in a wide variety of local Chinese dialects, was shown on the large screen overlooking New York’s Times Square. It is the first time for such a Chinese grassroots event to take place at “The Crossroads of the World”.

“The videos featuring the New Year’s greeting in dialects were collected from ‘Going to New York with Dialects’, a project jointly undertaken by PEAK and more than 10 mainstream city newspapers,” explained Xu Zhihua, the initiator of the project and CEO of Peak Sport, “This is PEAK’s special gift for the 2015 Chinese New Year, aimed at nurturing the pride that every Chinese person feels about their country and providing a venue for people the world over to become more familiar with and knowledgeable about Chinese traditional culture and China’s international brands.”

In the one-minute Chinese New Year Greeting video, during which several NBA players did their best to give the New Year greetings in heavily-accented yet serviceable and easily understood Mandarin, in unison with their Chinese fans, who each announced the wishes for the coming year in their respective local dialect. This innovative video clip celebrating the Chinese New Year drew the attention of many of the passers-by.

The event was a great first step in PEAK’s efforts to showcase China’s dialect culture to the world. For the second year in a row, PEAK presented a “New Year’s film” in New York’s Times Square. At the beginning of 2014, the Chinese sports brand had its debut there. This time, the scale and the marketing approach allowed for a massive amplification of the message.

“PEAK hopes to serve as the link between China and the world, allowing the world learn about both China’s traditional culture and the country’s more recent contributions to modern civilization. As an international brand born in China, PEAK has the obligation and duty to do it better,” the Peak Group CEO added.

Original title by Jakarta Post:PEAK's NBA Stars and Fans from Across China Wish Passers-By a Happy Chinese New Year in Local Dialects from Large Screen Overlooking Times Square

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