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Yunnan Province welcomes its first ever professional marathon running club

By Nong Ruowen 21 Mar 2018

As the Xinhua News Agency reported on March 20, Yunnan Province has announced the establishment of its first ever professional marathon running club, the Yunnan PHICOMM Marathon Club and also becoming the first ever professional marathon running club in China. 

Founded in March, 2018, the Yunnan Phicomm Marathon Club is a wholly-owned sports organization set up by PHICOMM Sports, a subsidiary company of PHICOMM Co., Ltd. 

This club will reportedly support elite professional marathon athletes in China to achieve better performances in marathon races, by means of offering long-term funding, technical support, medical treatment and further overseas training. 

Meanwhile, the representative from the General Administration of Sport of China, Huang Wei, expressed his expectations of this club at the press conference. 

According to Huang, this club is expected to act as a “pilot club” leveraging technology and mass data analytics to improve athletes performance. At the same time, elite athletes can communicate and share their expertise with each other. 

The parent company of the club’s owner, PHICOMM Co., Ltd., was founded in 2009 with its global headquarters in Shanghai, China and is a developer of smart home devices, and cloud and data solutions. 

In recent years, the booming sports industry in China has attracted PHICOMM’s interest and driven them to step into the industry. Apart from establishing this marathon running club, PHICOMM Sports will take charge of organizing the Lijiang Marathon in 2018. The  company will also focus on smart sports wearable devices this year. 

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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