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China Sports Venue Association to set up eSports branch

By Nong Ruowen 21 Mar 2018

The Xinhua News Agency has reported that the China Sports Venue Association (CSVA) plans to establish an eSports branch of the association this year. Currently, this branch will be the first ever eSports organization in terms of eSports venues in China. 

According to Xinhua News Agency, the eSports branch of the CSVA will focus on the establishment of professional eSports venues in China. 

With the core consideration of serving eSports in China, these venues will also take other aspects into account, such as recreational sports, smart technology, entertainment and even tourism.

A variety of functions have also been planned for these venues by this new eSports branch. These venues are expected to be available for eSports training programs, eSports experience activities, eSports content production, eSports fan parties, eSports-related exhibitions or press conferences, as well as for eSports startup companies. 

Additionally, these multi-functional venues will be helpful in the development of eSports industrial parks and eSports-themed towns in China. 

In terms of how to set up and operate these venues, the eSports branch of the CSVA is seeking various partners around China, such as eSports venue builders and operators of facilities, eSports R&D, eSports coaching and events. 

CSVA is a non-profit organization comprising associations, companies and individuals involved in the sports venue business, under the direction of the Economic Department of the General Administration of Sport of China. 

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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