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JayBird appoints Chinese singer and actor Li Yifeng as ambassador

By Andrea Huang 29 Aug 2018

The American manufacturer of sports headphones and wrist bands, JayBird, have just appointed Chinese singer and actor, Li Yifeng, as the brand’s endorser for the Asia-Pacific region. The piece of news was posted via JayBird’s Weibo account on August 28. 

Founded in 2006, JayBird was later acquired by Logitech. The company has also got Chinese entertainment star, Chen He, onboard as its ambassador. 

Li Yifeng is a popular singer and actor on the Chinese mainland. Born in 1987, he rose to fame after participating in the 2007 My Hero talent contest and has since played roles in many TV soap operas and movies. He is most famous for his healthy body and handsome face. 

JayBird is currently using this new announcement of Li Yifeng’s endorsement to promote Logitech Brand Day on which takes place today (August 29). Consumers can get a 50% discount for the same type of sports headphones Li Yifeng wears on the poster. They are also offering anyone who shares the post and mentions a friend, the chance to win a Li Yifeng signed photograph of himself. 

This endorsement is likely to be the first sports-related partnership deal, Li Yifeng has signed among his 20 or more endorsement deals. His previous endorsements include brands such as Canon, Dove (chocolate), Angry Birds 2, Pepsi-Cola and many others. 

Reference: Weibo  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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