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Wuhan Zall FC secure new home ground for next season

By Andrea Huang 26 Oct 2018

The China League One outfit, Wuhan Zall Football Club, have secured a new home ground for next season, the East and West Lake Sports Center, in the East and West Lake District in Wuhan. 

This is the fourth home ground for Wuhan Zall FC, with the club currently playing at the stadium of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.  

The East and West Lake Sports Center is currently under construction and is close to completion. On October 25, Wuhan municipal city government made the decision that from March 2019, Wuhan Zall will play its Chinese Super League home games at the Stadium of the Sports Center. The club achieved promotion to the Chinese Super League after a very good performance in the 2018 China League One season. 

The East and West Lake Sports Center is being constructed for the CISM Military World Games 2019 to be held in Wuhan from October 18-27. This is the first time that Wuhan will host these world-class games and the first time that all events in the Games will be held in one sole city. The East and West Lake Sports Center will host the football and table tennis competitions. 

The overall size of the sports center is 145000 square meters. There is a 30000-seat stadium, an 8000-seat arena, a 1000-seat swimming center and an outdoor sports park. The sports center will be opened to the public after the Military World Games 2019, as there were no sports stadium facilities in the East and West Lake Districts in Wuhan. 

Reference: Xingfu Ying Xiaqu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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