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Nike reported to have signed with LPL

By Andrea Huang 20 Nov 2018

News broke out yesterday (November 19) across Chinese eSports media that the League of Legends Pro League seems to have signed up Nike as a sponsor. 

The deal is reported to be worth CNY1bn for a duration of five years. The eSports clubs were reported to have received communication from the league saying that they had signed a strategic partnership with a first class international sports brand. What’s more, the notice said that the brand will provide team apparel, accessories and footwear for players, coaches, translators, analysts and other staff in each club. The league will share the sponsorship fees with the clubs and hope that all clubs wear the team jerseys and footwear provided on all occasions they represent the LPL and the clubs. 

A short while ago, Nike had the famous Chinese eSports player Uzi (JIAN Zihao) join its campaign for NBA star LeBron James’, “Dribble&”. 

Reference: Chiji de Youxijun

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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