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RNG and TOP Sports Gaming partner with KFC and Flash Player

By Andrea Huang 06 Sep 2018

Two Chinese eSports clubs, RNG and TOP Sports Gaming have both signed new sponsorship deals this week. RNG has partnered with KFC and TOP Sports Gaming has teamed up with Flash. Both clubs announced these deals on Weibo. 

On Monday September 3, RNG posted on their Weibo an official poster of the partnership, announcing the sponsorship between their League of Legends team and KFC. RNG LPL players were featured on the poster against a background of KFC fried chicken food which resembles the sun. RNG said in the post that with the support of KFC, they were determined to try their best and never give up in the upcoming playoff season. 

Prior to this partnership, RNG already had previously had some engagement with KFC. In June, the club published photos of players relaxing after being treated to KFC food as a reward for winning a game. After the 2018 Asian Games, their captain Jian Zihao also said in an interview they had bought fried chicken as a treat after the event finished. 

This partnership seems to have a sense of light-hearted humor embedded. In the previous photos RNG have posted, players were seen enjoying KFC food with a smile and Jian holding two big boxes of KFC fried chicken and staring directly at the camera. In the official poster, the captain Jian Zihao holds a piece of KFC fried chicken with a very serious expression standing in front of the other players. The combination of KFC chicken and a serious fighting face has been commented on by some fans as making them want to laugh. 

TOP Sports Gaming announced their new sponsorship deal with Flash Player on Tuesday September 4 on their official Weibo account. Flash Player has become their strategic partner and they will keep playing eSports with their direction and style. 

TOP was only set up in December 2017 and is considered a new team in the LPL, but they have already had some eye-catching performances in competitions. 

Reference: RNG weibo, TOP Weibo  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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