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eSports club RNG teams up with Guliduo Milk

By Andrea Huang 11 Sep 2018

Chinese eSports club RNG has partnered with Guliduo, the grain milk product of Yili Group. The deal was announced on RNG’s Weibo account on September 7, three days after they also announced a deal with KFC. Guliduo becomes an Official Partner of the club. 

Guliduo was launched by Yili Group in May 2008 and highlights the element of grain in its production. Guliduo is described on the club’s Weibo post, as a super tool for stopping hunger. 

Followers of the club, having been joking online that because the club have signed too many partners they would need to change into long-sleeve shirts to display all the partners. 

Reference: RNG weibo

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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