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Chinese Volleyball Association League lost title sponsor

By Zhang Tingting 11 Oct 2015

For this new volleyball season starting from Oct 31, Chinese Volleyball Association League will have no title sponsor, for the second time in its history. 

The original title sponsor quitted some time ago. The CVA had tried to look for a new sponsor since then but failed, and announced the news officially on a meeting for the upcoming new season on Oct 9, Friday. 

As a result, the teams will have no equipment supplier and the remaining time to find their own sponsors before the new season starts is too short. The association asked them to try to solve the equipment problems when announcing the news. 

While Chinese women national team just won the 2015 FIVB Volleyball World Cup in Japan after eleven years since they last won a world champion, professional volleyball is not very successful in China. They are not as welcomed as basketball and football and receive less attention in China. 

The league was created in 1996. Its operation fee is 20 million yuan now which is much less than football and basketball. 

Source: Tencent 

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